In memory of my dear old brother - Horringer Court 1982

The Pussyfoot

The Pussyfoot
The Pussyfoot by vocalist Terry Barfield

Tintern Abbey by Don Smith

Tintern Abbey by Don Smith
Tintern Abbey by Don Smith

The Carnaby

The Carnaby
By Andy Andrews

Friday, 11 July 2008


Thamaris Khan, 1969. A powerful release, yet complete flop upon. These fellows originated from Cornwall, releasing on mainly PYE and once on CBS.

SHE - The Frame

From Birmingham, little known, mod sound. Demonstrations release, 25th November 1966.

For Mr.Mindful: Marquis of Kensington (Mike Leander)

FLASH (1967/8) A splendid instrumental with piano, hammond, stomping beat and fuzz guitar.

Only one more by this outfit. I'll have it put up some time.

Twenty Ten (2010), just 2 years to go...

As promised. I could only locate my Japanese pressing of this, the second of Tinkerbell's Fairydust's three releases. In Japan, this was a hit for quite a while, whilst it sank without trace in England.

Note the misspelling 'Tinkabell's Fairydust'.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Albion Fairs, East Anglia...old monochromes...

These might be of interest to some of you. During the period 1978 to 1982 I toured the many East Anglian (Albion) fairs with Nick Turner and a band going by the name (at the time) of 'Thandoy', later to become 'Karmakanix'. The upshot is that I have come across many monochrome photographs from this period taken with my trusty OM1. Alongside the usual music, I'll put some up from time to time. Might jog some memories.

I should add: double clicking on a photograph will enlarge the image.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Toby Twirl

Back in Time

A reasonable pop number from this Newcastle group, the Tex-Mex vein.

Rainbow Ffolly

Go Girl

This group came from High Wycombe, released one single and one album. Presumably Parlophone were not too overwhelmed by the commercial performance of these first efforts.

Tinkerbells Fairydust

Lazy Day / In my Magic Garden.

Three single releases, and an album which never made a release. I believe that a few test pressings were made, and stock copies exist, less than ten.

2010 is a more interesting composition which I will put up at a later date

Lazy Day

In my Magic Garden

Virgin Sleep - Secret

A masterpiece of the era. From the Richmond side of London I believe.

Walking Through the Streets of My Mind

Another release by Timebox, of much greater interest than the previous single.

walking through the streets of my mind.mp3