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The Pussyfoot

The Pussyfoot
The Pussyfoot by vocalist Terry Barfield

Tintern Abbey by Don Smith

Tintern Abbey by Don Smith
Tintern Abbey by Don Smith

The Carnaby

The Carnaby
By Andy Andrews

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Arcadium (Miguel Sergides) unreleased material

Earlier last decade I posted a 10 inch acetate containing Comus-like tracks, which now seem to be the work of Arcadium's singer/songwriter Miguel Sergides.  Here they are for you to hear:

Symphony for the Madman

It's Not Me

Riding Alone

Who Are We?



  1. Enjoyed these Sir Henry. Always wondered what happened after the excellent Arcadium album.

  2. Absolutely wonderful to hear. Breathe awhile is my guiding star in life. I have never heard of these songs before, and I have always wondered about what happened to Miguel Sergides. I would so much like to be able to express to him what his music has meant to me and to people I have played it to through the years.

    Probably Miguel Sergides is no longer among us, but I'd very much like to know what became of him after these songs were recorded.

    Best regards, and my deepest thanks,

    Glenn Möllergren,

  3. These tracks are probably before the Arcadium album and single, since Riding Alone is the b-side of the 1969 Arcadium Single (a-side Sing my Song). Would you by any chance sell this 10" acetate?
    Tobias Petterson, Sweden

  4. Good evening Tobias

    It is indeed interesting to wonder whether this acetate was a precursor to 'Breathe Awhile' or a subsequent recording, or reworking.

    I will contact you should I come to depart with it. Perhaps you might leave me your email address.


    Sir Henry

  5. Hello guys!
    I'm Grzegorz and I'm 25 now. I've been studying the fascinating unknown progressive-psychedelic music from 60s and 70s for more than a half of my life. I would like to thank you Sir Henry Rawlinson for these extremely rare acetate tracks.

    My dream has been awalys to find the musicians from Arcadium, because this is only of those famous unknown psych bands from the UK that we don't know anything about.

    Here is a small summary: The band must have been based in London, they recorded the album for Middle Earth, which was more of a club than recording label, the same did the band Writing on the wall with their "The Power of Picts" album.
    The line-up of Arcadium consisted of two Ellwood brothers Allan and Robert (they almost look alike in the photo from the album)

    The guy named Miguel Sergides played in the movie from 1976, a musical called "Moon over the alley" which was based in London, a small role as "hippy" - I haven't seen the film yet.

    For some time in youtube there was a clip (two parts) of the great East of Eden playing a concert in 1970, the drummer from East of Eden used the drumkit with the big writing on the bass drum - "ARCADIUM" so the band must have been still around playing gigs a year after the recording of the album. Unfortunately I couldn't find the clip on YT, it mus be somewhere in the archives.

    How can I find these people? I've been in contact with many musicians, but this is gonna be very difficult. I had this idea to post a very short call in the comments to every Arcadium clip on youtube

    What's your ideas? my email is: arzachel@go2.pl

    stay in touch

  6. Why do I find this pagew so late........??? :-(((((((((((

    1. Hello Gyula

      if you would like photographs of this acetate along with recordings of all the tracks then please let me know your email address and I will have these sent to you. regards Sir Henry